Committed to You & Defending Your Rights

Committed to Defending
Your Rights

We are the firm that is dedicated to planning a defense unique to you and your unique needs.

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You're Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until
Proven Guilty

Attorney Harmony Schuerman has dedicated her life to defending the underdog and fighting for others.

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Facing Charges for a Federal Crime?

Are You Facing Charges for a
Federal Crime?

There is no doubt that you need a skilled attorney on your side to help you sort through your options.

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We're Ready to Get Started

We're Ready to
Get Started

It is crucial that you start building an air tight defense as soon as possible. Contact our firm now.

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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Providing Personalized Legal Counsel in Tarrant County

Have you been arrested? Unsure of what steps to take next? Don't put your future on the line for a moment longer! Contact the Law Office of Harmony M. Schuerman today to start pursuing the legal representation you need. With numerous years of experience, we have the knowledge needed to build a strong defense on your behalf. We put our clients' priorities first, always doing everything within our power to protect their rights.

Our firm has the expertise and resources to handle the following:

Whether you are a first time offender or have a previous criminal record, our legal team is equipped to defend your rights.

Representation for the Underdog

We know that being charged with a crime can be a tough and challenging process to endure. When the power of the state is pitted against an individual, we believe that that individual deserves to have a dedicated advocate on their side who will effectively fight for them. Attorney Schuerman wants to provide this support to you during your criminal proceedings, as she has for many clients in the past.

Our firm understands that you need an attorney who will listen to your side of the story and be willing to aggressively fight on your behalf. We are dedicated to providing this personalized support for our clients, never offering cookie-cutter solutions or forcing a case into a simple solution. When you need a Tarrant County criminal defense attorney in your corner, be sure to call on us.

Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated attorney.

Located in Downtown Fort Worth, we are perfectly positioned to represent clients from all over the area. We also serve clients throughout Weatherford.

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Why Choose Harmony?

    • I root for the underdog and fight for those who are being taken advantage of.
    • I plan out my legal strategy based on your individual situation.
    • I am licensed in the Northern District of Texas and I handle federal cases in North Texas.
    • We are conveniently located in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas, within minutes of both state and federal courts, and the Tarrant County Jail.
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